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Adobe Acrobat Complete

Aims for this course

Course Agenda

Starting Out
Opening Adobe Acrobat 7

A History of PDF
What is Adobe Acrobat 7?
What's New in Adobe Acrobat 7?
Launching Adobe Acrobat
Interface Overview
Closing Adobe Acrobat

Understanding the Interface
Interface Overview
Menu Overview
Toolbar Overview
Showing and Hiding Toolbars

Creating a PDF File
Creating a New PDF File
Selecting Text
Typing Text
Deleting Text

Working with your PDF File
Saving Files
Opening Files
Switching Between Open Files
Closing Documents

Getting Help in Adobe Acrobat
Opening Help
Using the Help Screen
Searching for Help
Using the Table of Contents and Index
Getting Help in a Dialogue Box

Creating PDF Files
Ways to Create a PDF File

Creating a File from an Existing Document
Creating a File from Several Existing Documents
Creating a File from a Web Page
Creating a File with the Print Command
Creating a File from Scratch

Navigating in your PDF File
Using the Navigation Pane
Navigating Using the Mouse
Navigating Using the Keyboard
Using the Scroll Bars and the Status Bar
Using the Find Dialogue
Using the Search Pane

Using Acrobat's Tools
Using the Hand Tool
Using the Select Tool
Using the Snapshot Tool
Using OCR
Extracting a Single Page

Moving Text
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Using Undo and Redo
Finding Text
Replacing Text
Skill Sharpener

Window Tools
Using the Zoom Tool
Using the Loupe Tool
Using the Fit Commands
Rotating the Page
Using the Window Menu

Editing PDF Files
Working with PDF Pages

Inserting Pages
Deleting Pages
Moving Pages
Replacing Pages
Rotating Pages
Skill Sharpener

Polishing your File
Running a Spell Check
Adding Headers and Footers
Adding Page Numbers
Formatting a Story as an Article
Linking Files
Using Bookmarks
Creating Links
Removing Links
Removing All Links

Advanced Topics
Using Collections
Using the Organizer
Creating a Collection
Adding a File to a Collection
Removing a File from a Collection
Using Folders and Collections

Sending a File for Review
Using the Tracker
Sending a PDF File for E-mail Review
Using Browser-Based Review

Reviewing the File
Adding Notes
Adding Stamps
Adding Highlights
Adding Drawing Markup

Viewing Comments

Exporting Comments
Summarizing Comments
Viewing the Comments List

Protecting your File
Digitally Signing a PDF File
Setting Security Policies
Protecting Multiple Documents

Course Title
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Intermediate

Cost per delegate
170 +vat

Who is this course for?
Users who want to find out more about Adobe Acrobat, create Acrobat documents and learn how to use some of its key features for manipulating Acrobat documents.

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