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MS Powerpoint 2003 Foundation

Aims for this course

At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of PowerPoint basics. You will feel more confident using PowerPoint and be able to create a presentation from scratch. You will learn how to improve the format of your text as well as getting to grips with importing and manipulating graphics, using the PowerPoint drawing tools and the chart and table design tools to make your presentation much more visually stimulating.

What's covered

Starting Out
Windows Functions
How To Right Click With Your Mouse
How To Minimize An Open Window
How To Maximize A Window
How To Restore A Window
How To Close A Window
Show Desktop
Editing Functions
How To Undo
How To Redo
Cutting Text
Copying Text
Pasting Text
Finding Text
Common Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Vs. Panes
File Management
Files Vs. Folders
Creating A New Folder
Renaming A Folder
Opening A Folder
Moving Files Using Drag And Drop
Deleting A Folder Or File
Saving A Presentation
Saving A New Presentation
Saving And Verifying Changes To A Presentation
Using The 'Save As' Command

Understanding The PowerPoint Screen
The PowerPoint Screen
Title Bars
Menu Bar
The Standard Toolbar
The Formatting Toolbar
The Drawing Toolbar
The Status Bar
Using PowerPoint
The View Buttons
Introduction To The Outline/Slides Pane
The Task Pane
Moving A Toolbar
Make A Floating Toolbar
Getting Started
Getting Started Task Pane
Changing Task Panes
New Presentation Task Pane
Opening An Existing Presentation
How To Start A New Blank Presentation
Starting A New Presentation From A Design Template
Starting A New Presentation From The Autocontent Wizard
Starting A New Presentation From An Existing Presentation
Using Templates
Types Of Placeholders
Resizing A Placeholder
Moving A Placeholder
Deleting A Placeholder
Slide Layouts
What Is A Slide?
Adding New Slides To Your Presentation
Changing The Layout Of A Slide
Text AutoFit
Reapply Layout
Managing Slides
Slide Management
Rearranging The Order Of Slides
Using The Slides Tab
Using The Outline Tab
Inserting Duplicate Slides
Copying And Pasting Slides
Deleting Slides
Inserting Slides From Other Presentations
Automatic Layout And How To Turn It Off

Working With Text
Adding And Formatting Text
Creating A Blank Slide
Deleting Text
Changing Text Size
Changing Text Font Type
Formatting Text
Changing Text Alignment
Changing The Color Of Your Text
Using The Font Dialog Box
Using Bullets And Numbered Lists
Switch Between Numbers And Bullets
Changing The Style Of Bullets And Numbered Lists
Deleting Bullets And Numbered Lists
Text Boxes
Adding A Text Box
Selecting A Text Box
Moving A Text Box
Deleting A Text Box
Resizing A Text Box
Rotating A Text Box
Formatting A Text Box
Selecting Text In A Text Box
Cool Text Tools
Find And Replace
Using Find And Replace
Adding A Drop Shadow To Text
Using The Format Painter
Symbols And Special Characters
Adding WordArt

More On PowerPoint Views
Managing Folders
Normal (Tri-Pane) View
Slide Sorter View
Notes Page View
Slide Show View
Color/Grayscale View
Print Preview
The Print Preview Toolbar
Using The Zoom Views
The Outline Pane
Using Outline View To Enter Text
Creating Slides In Outline View
Deleting Slides In Outline View
Rearranging Slides In Outline View
The Outlining Toolbar
Creating A Summary Slide
Slide Sorter View
Working With Slide Sorter View
Viewing Slides In Slide Sorter View
Creating Slides In Slide Sorter View
Rearranging Slides In Slide Sorter View
Deleting Slides
Formatting A Presentation
Adding Background Effects To Slides
Add A Background Color
Add Gradient Fills
Add Textures
Add Patterns
Add Pictures
Other Formatting Tools
Headers And Footers
Inserting Headers And Footers
Inserting Slide Numbers
Inserting Date And Time
Changing Paragraph Settings
Changing Tab Settings
Paragraph Alignment
Changing Line Spacing
Spell Check
Using Spell Check
Using Autocorrect
Using The Thesaurus
Using The Research Pane

Printing Your Presentation
Print Preview
The Print Preview Toolbar
Print Range
Print Number Of Copies
Printing Slides
Printing Handouts
Printing Notes Pages
Printing Outline View

Delivering The Presentation
Taking It With You
About PowerPoint Viewer
Copying To CD Or Folder
Navigating The Slide Show
Using The Navigation Buttons
Using The Pointer Button
Slide Timings
Slide Timings
Using Slide Timings
Self-Running Presentation
Creating A Self-Running Presentation

Course Title
MS Powerpoint 2003 Foundation

Cost per delegate
145 +vat

Who is this course for?
Users with little or no experience of MS Powerpoint 2003

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