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MS Word 2003 Foundation

Aims for this course

At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Word basics. You will feel more confident using Word and be able to create a document from start to finish. Understanding and using some of the built in layout and text editing functionality will allow you to produce far more striking and efficient documentation in your work environment. Documents that you create will be easier to read and look more presentable.

What's covered

Starting Out
Opening Microsoft Word 2003
Launching Word
Interface Overview
Interacting With Word
Menu Overview
New Features In Microsoft Office Word 2003
About The Standard Toolbar
About The Formatting Toolbar
Adding Or Removing Toolbars
Customizing Toolbars
Using The Customize Command
Creating A Document
Creating A New Document
Typing Text
Working With Text (Selecting, Cutting, Copying, and Pasting)
Using Basic Formatting
Finding Text
Navigating Through A Document
Selecting Text
Using The Mouse To Select Text
Using The Keyboard To Select Text
Tips and Tricks
Working With Your Document
Saving Files
Opening Files
Switching Between Open Files
Closing Documents
Closing Word 
Getting Help In Word
Using The Help Menu
Using The Help Task Pane
Using The Office Assistant
Configuring The Office Assistant
Using The Type A Question Box
Getting Help In A Dialog Box

Formatting and Editing Options
Moving Text
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Dragging and Dropping Text
Using The Office Clipboard
Deleting Text
Using Undo and Redo (aka Repeat)
Setting A Font Type and Size
Setting Font Styles and Colors
Using Character Spacing
Animating Fonts
Setting Your Default Font
Text Effects
Using Basic Effects
Setting Underline Styles and Colors
Using Font Effects
Using Drop Caps
Changing Font Cases
Changing Text's Position
Aligning Text
Justifying Text
Using Margins
Using Tabs
Setting Tabs
Moving Or Removing Tabs
Paragraph Options
Aligning A Paragraph
Indenting A Paragraph
Changing Paragraph Spacing
Inserting Page Numbers

Formatting Tools
Opening A Template
Downloading Templates
Using Templates
Creating Templates
Language Tools
Checking Your Spelling and Grammar
Using The Spelling and Grammar Context Menu
Setting Spelling and Grammar Options
Using Word Count and Readability Statistics
Using Graphics
Searching For Clipart
Inserting Clipart
Formatting Clipart
Inserting A Picture
Formatting Pictures
Links In A Document
Types Of Links
Inserting A Link
Editing A Link
Following A Link

Viewing and Printing
Using Layouts and Views
Normal View
Web Layout View
Print Layout View
Reading Layout View
Outline View
Full Screen View 
Viewing Tools
Using Zoom
Using Thumbnails
Using The Document Browser
Using The Document Map 
Using Print Preview
Opening Print Preview
Print Preview Options
Print Preview Versus Print Layout 
Printing A Document
How To Print A Document
Using Basic Print Options
Using Advanced Print Options
Using Page Setup

Managing Your Documents
Using My Computer Within Word
Navigating Using My Computer
Performing Basic Tasks With My Computer
Using Views In My Computer
Using The My Places Toolbar
Saving Your Files
Using File Formats
Using File Properties
Setting File Passwords
Using Auto Recovery
Viewing Your Files
Opening A Copy Of Your Document
Arranging Windows
Comparing Documents Side-By-Side
Splitting A Document 
Using Page Setup
Gutters and Margins
Changing Paper Options
Setting Layout Options
Applying Page Borders
Setting Default Page Setup Options 
Customizing Toolbars and Menus
Toolbar Fundamentals
Hidden Toolbars
Adding Menus
About The Work Menu
Adding Menu Commands
Re-Arranging Menu and Toolbar Commands 
Toolbar Specifics
Using The Basic Toolbars
Using Graphic Toolbars
Using Language Toolbars
Using Coding Toolbars
Using Web Toolbars
Document Management Toolbars
About The Task Pane "Toolbar"

Course Title
MS Word 2003 Foundation

Cost per delegate
145 +vat

Who is this course for?
Users with little or no experience in MS Word 2003

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