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MS Word 2007 Foundation

Aims for this course

At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Word basics. You will feel more confident using Word and be able to create a document from start to finish. Understanding and using some of the built in layout and text editing functionality will allow you to produce far more striking and efficient documentation in your work environment. Documents that you create will be easier to read and look more presentable.

What's covered

Starting Out
Opening Microsoft Office Word 2007
What is Microsoft Word 2007?
What's New in Microsoft Word 2007?
Launching Word
Closing Word

Creating a Document
Creating a New Document
Typing Text
Deleting Text
The Basics of Selecting Text
Practice Exercise

Doing More With Your Document
Using Basic Formatting
Using Advanced Formatting
Using Undo and Redo
Removing Formatting

Working with Your Document
Saving Files 
Opening Files
Using the Recent Documents List
Switching Between Open Files
Closing Documents

Getting Help in Word
Opening Help
Using the Help Screen
Searching for Help
Using the Table of Contents
Getting Help in a Dialogue Box
Practice Exercise

The New Interface
Getting Acquainted
Interface Overview
Using the Status Bar
Using the Mini Toolbar
Using Dialogue Boxes
Using Right-Click Menus
Keyboard Shortcuts

The Quick Access Toolbar
Using the Toolbar
Adding and Removing Buttons
Moving the Quick Access Toolbar
Using the Options Dialogue to Customize the Toolbar

Ribbons and Chunks
About Ribbons
About Chunks
About Option Buttons
Minimizing the Ribbon

The Home Ribbon

The Insert Ribbon
Header and Footer

The View Ribbon
Document Views

Advanced Ribbons
The Page Layout Ribbon
Page Background
Page Setup

The References Ribbon
Table of Contents
Citations and Bibliography
Table of Authorities

The Mailings Ribbons
Start Mail Merge
Write and Insert Fields
Preview Results

The Review Ribbon

Contextual Ribbons
Equation Tools
SmartArt Tools
Table Tools
Chart Tools
Picture Tools

Creating Documents
Creating a New Document
Creating a Blank Document
Creating a document from local templates
Creating a Document from online templates
Creating a document from an existing document

Navigating In Your Document
Navigating Using the Mouse
Navigating Using the Keyboard
Using the Scroll Bars
Using the Go To dialogue

Selecting Text
Using the Mouse to Select Text
Using the Keyboard to Select Text
Using the Home Ribbon to Select Text
Tips and Tricks
Moving Text
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Dragging and Dropping Text
Using the Office Clipboard
Finding Text
Replacing Text

Doing More with Text
Fonts on the Home Ribbon Choosing a Font Type
Changing the Font Size
Applying Color and Highlighting
Changing Case    

The Font Dialogue
Opening the Dialogue
Using the Font Tab
Using the Character Spacing Tab
Setting your Default Font
Embedding Fonts

Advanced Text Effects 
Using the Format Painter
Adding Drop Caps
Applying a Quick Style
Aligning Text
Justifying Text
Using Tabs
Types of Tabs
Using Tabs
Setting Tabs
Moving or Removing Tabs

Paragraph Options
Aligning a Paragraph
Indenting a Paragraph
Changing Paragraph Spacing
Adding Borders or Shading

Viewing and Printing
Using Layouts and Views 
Web Layout
Print Layout
Reading Layout
Outline View
Full Screen View
Basic Viewing Tools 
Using Minimize, Maximize, and Restore
Using Zoom on the View Ribbon
Using View Controls on the Status Bar
Using Thumbnails 
Advanced Viewing Tools
Using the Document Browser   
Using the Document Map
Showing Special Characters
Using the Show/Hide Tools

Using Print Preview
Opening Print Preview
Using the Print Preview Ribbon
Navigating Print Preview
Print Preview versus Print Layout

Using Page Setup  
Using the Page Setup Chunk
Setting Margins     
Changing Paper Size     
Changing Orientation
Using the Page Setup Dialogue 

Printing a Document 
Print Commands   
Using Basic Print Options
Using Advanced Print Options
Modifying Printer Properties  

Course Title
MS Word 2007 Foundation

Cost per delegate
145 +vat

Who is this course for?
Users with little or no experience in MS Word 2007

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